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5 Great Authors

Joe Posnanski – Joe is my favorite sports writer. That’s because he’s a fantastic writer who also happens to write about sports, a passion of mine. He has the ability to pull a reader into his stories better than any other sports writer I have ever read.

Tim Keller – I’ve never read a bad book by Keller. I  can’t even remember reading a bad chapter. His clarity of thought and pointed insights are a powerful combination. He argues truth without being bombastic, sensational, or argumentative. He communicates rationally, but without sacrificing passion.

Bill Simmons – Unique in style and content, Simmons combines sports insights, fandom, pop-culture, and humor into his columns and books. He writes as a passionate fan, but not an irrational sports viewer. This is the way I fancy myself, so I think I’m a little like Bill.

Paul Tripp – No author has consistently ministered to me through his writing like Tripp has. He has a gift for getting at the heart of issues, cutting through circumstances and symptoms to get to causes and bases. He is not the best pure writer, but what he has written has struck me the deepest.

Pat Conroy – Conroy writes some of the most depressing stories you will ever read full of the most captivating characters. He writes novels autobiographically, so every character feels like someone he knows (or is). The stories feel like life: a bunch people being themselves around each other and things happening as a result (rather than an author having a plot line and writing flat characters to fit it).

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