Sports / July 7, 2011


This evening the Minnesota Twins (good guys) will face the Chicago White Sox (bad guys) in the first of a 4 game series. This match up is a true rivalry. (Cubs/Sox doesn’t count for so many reason, primarily because they play in different leagues and the Cubs are terrible.) Here are some fun facts interspersed with some opinions that I think are fun.

  • Over the past 2 seasons (not including this year) the Twins and the White Sox have nearly the exact same record against everyone in MLB besides each other: 156-133 for the Twins and 156-132 for the Sox. 
  • Over that same time frame the Twins are 25-11 against the Sox.
  • This year a putrid, last place Twins team with more injuries than base hits (or something like that) is 4-0 versus the Sox.
  • 5 years ago when I would wear Twins gear to the Sox home stadium I would end up with beer all over me and at least 3 profanity laced death threats per game. Now I’m lucky to get a “boo”. It seems someone is feeling intimidated.
  • Ozzie Guillen says at least 4.5 times as many nice things about the Twins as he does about his own team. Ozzie Guillen is also certifiably insane. And even more certifiably entertaining.
  • There is always the hope that A.J. Pierzynski will get hit in the ribs with a fastball or someone will go all Michael Barrett on him 

I think this sums up the past two years to the great satisfaction of Twins fans and the great, well, whatever of White Sox fans. But who cares what they think.

(via the great Twins blog

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