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Is God Logical?

God doesn’t always make sense. He is a peculiarly puzzling being who often leaves us baffled or even frustrated. Those of us who believe in God generally try to credit him with being in control of “all things”. The problem comes when we start trying to piece that together.

God is good and loving. He doesn’t do bad things. But he’s in control of bad things. So that means he is responsible for tragedies without being at fault for it. Huh? That doesn’t make any sort of logical sense.

Even the delightful debates over election and salvation rest in the fact that God doesn’t make logical sense. God decides who will be saved and who won’t, but we’re all responsible for our own actions and sent to hell if we aren’t saved (according to one view). Logically that doesn’t sound “good” or “loving” to me. Or is it that we all have free will that God is somehow sovereign over? Now I’m flustered.  God makes no sense.

But these accusations of God are misguided because they are wrongly based. They seek to limit God to something we call logic, that is human understanding.

God is not logical because logic is for the finite and the fallible. It is a structure created and given by God so that beings with limited knowledge cold solve problems and have a reasonable world. But God is not limited to the logic we hold up as the ultimate right to disprove all nonsense.

God is not logical. That isn’t to say he’s illogical. No, God is beyond logic. He is, as the bible puts it, “inscrutable”. He is beyond our ability to understand, so to accuse him of failing to be logical is utter nonsense itself. He doesn’t fail to make sense. We simply don’t have the limitless knowledge to understand him.

It is fair to say that God doesn’t make sense, but not to say that God isn’t sensible. It is never fair or right to make a judgment of God based on a lack of logic, as we understand it. What’s right for the parent isn’t always right for the child, and, infinitely more so, what’s right in the mind of the creator isn’t understandable as right in the mind of the creation. 


Nov 18, 2011

I would love to hear your father’s comment on this. 🙂

Nov 18, 2011

“He doesn’t fail to make sense. We simply don’t have the limitless knowledge to understand him.”

Yes, yes. Loved this post. Ruminating on this keeps ya humble.

I’ve been having a similar discussion with my unbelieving friends. I’ve noticed that their most ardent arguments against faith in God always involve their de-Godding of God. They count hell and the cross as atrocious child abuse and blurt things like, “See, our morality is better than his!” Or when talking about the universe’s beginning, they’ll say, “Well, then God must have a beginning too. Who made him?”

Kinda misses the whole point.

Nov 18, 2011

Oh, and 1 Corinthians 1 came to mind when I read this.

Dec 09, 2011

John 1:1 says ‘In the beginning was the logos – which can also be translated as ‘logic’ :-). Logic is inherent in the Godhead but its dimensions may not be fully comprehended by the human mind. So, to say that God is not logical …. hmmmn….

We would be playing straight into the pantheist’s hand 🙁

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