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April is Adventure Season

Photograph by Tom DiPace, AP –

Baseball season begins this week, and I am giddy. Naturally I had to write about it for (And no, those games played in Japan last week while I was sleeping do not, in any way, count as the MLB opener.)

It’s April, one of the best months of the year. That’s because it’s adventure season. This week, teams comprised of young and old, big and small, and those from many nations will set out on a quest with a singular goal. After weeks of preparation in Florida and Arizona, major league baseball teams will make their way to their home stadiums to begin the epic journey to win a championship. The baseball season will begin, and it is the greatest adventure in sports.

The greatest adventure stories all have some combination of similar ingredients. There are heroes, villains, plots, plans, failures, successes, victories, and demises. Minor characters make choices and take actions upon which the whole plot turns. Lords and rulers play their fellow characters like marionettes. Our hearts beat faster at the suspense, warm at the rags-to-riches narrative, and plummet at the brutal flops of our favorite characters. And when we come to the end we may be exhausted, satisfied, disappointed, or left hungering for more.

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Apr 03, 2012

I totally know what you mean. But …….
I grew up loving baseball. Living in Ohio we loved The Big Red Machine. When I moved South it was “The Tomahawk Chop”, but when the strike came in ’92 I began to lose my love for the game. I have found the love again in NCAA Baseball living near Omaha and the CWS but I need some convincing to once again open up to MLB.

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