Culture / Evangelism / Ministry / May 8, 2012

Pansies, Pearls, Pigs

My response to the responses to Dan Savage and Rick Reilly’s anti-biblical comments. From World

Late last month, nationally syndicated columnist and noted gay-rights activist Dan Savage made headlines for his abrasive (abusive?) anti-Bible comments at a high school journalism seminar. He encouraged students to “ignore the [expletive] in the bible about gay people” just like they do about virginity, masturbation, and a few other subjects. Then when offended students began leaving he called it a “pansy [expletive]” reaction.

This past week, Rick Reilly wrote a column at lambasting a Christian assistant football coach at the University of Nebraska for his view on homosexuality. He took special umbrage to the idea that the coach would use his platform at a large university to spread his views. Reilly referred to it as “campaigning for the right to discriminate.”

Understandably, these comments, especially Savage’s, raised the hackles of Christians. Even as I write them they bother me. The Christian response to them on websites, blogs, and social media has been strong, decisive, defensive, and, dare I say . . . wrong? 

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