Culture / Ideas / May 22, 2012

The Power of Not Knowing


Summer is fast approaching. May is more than half spent. The days are getting longer and hotter. So too are the political pontifications. This past weekend, Chicago became the first U.S. city other than Washington to host a NATO summit. Delegates from the 28 member countries gathered to discuss various matters, but particularly Afghanistan. Maybe you heard the protestors. They were loud.

And, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s an election year, so we’ll soon be deluged with party conventions, raging debates, and candidates hitting the campaign trail even harder. We will hear pomp and bluster and be swept off our feet by grandiose promises. We will have economic, education, military, and domestic agendas hurled at us from all directions. But there’s one thing we will not hear, at least not in sincerity—not once, not ever:

“I Don’t Know” 

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