Culture / Ethics / Parenting / June 19, 2012

Brokenness in Shiner


Last week the news broke about a horrific, sad story out of Shiner, Texas. You can read details here, but here’s a quick summary: A young father was working on his ranch when another worker told him that a man was seen taking his 4-year-old daughter to a secluded area. When he went to look for the little girl he heard her screaming and rushed to her rescue. The father found the man sexually molesting his daughter, and, in an effort to protect her, beat the man to death.

The overwhelming reaction to the story from readers and neighbors alike has been “good for him.” As a father of two little girls myself, I cannot say I would have been able to, or even want to, do differently. Now, because this is America, there is a debate about whether the man should have acted as judge, jury, and executioner.

What is impressed upon me is this: brokenness. Every single thing about this story screams brokenness. And as a Christian that matters as much to me as any debate.

Read the full article HERE.

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