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For Your Reading Pleasure

Three books I have read recently that I especially enjoyed and appreciated.

Church Behind the Wire by Barnabas Mam
Yes, the author’s name is distinctly awesome. That’s reason enough to read this one.
But more importantly his story is incredible. Saved as a young communist spy while spying on a Christian crusade in Cambodia, Barnabas Mam was carried by God through the prison camps and killing fields of the Khmer Rouge regime. In the years following, God used him to rebuild the church in Cambodia from 200 surviving believers to over 400 churches today. A powerful story of God’s hand at work in horrific circumstances. Reads quickly and easily. It’s a gripping book with stories and images that will stick with you. Highly recommended.
The Myth of Certainty by Daniel Taylor
Dan Taylor’s writing has been formative for me in faith and thinking. This book was especially helpful for me as it is aimed at the kind of Christian who asks a million questions and has a difficult time being satisfied with the answers. It is encouraging and freeing for those of us who are insatiably curious and/or bordering on the skeptical. It challenges, pushes, stretches, and in the end truly helps. It offers no pat answers but plenty of truth. Great book.  
The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
A Narcoleptic genius puts together a band of quirky, flawed and exceptionally gifted children, led  by the utterly likable Reynie Muldoon, to infiltrate the base of a nefarious villain attempting to corrupt the world by transmitting messages through television. Who wouldn’t love such a story? Only weirdos and people with bad taste, that’s who. 
This is the best sort of children’s fiction because it transcends children, has overt and positive values, and memorable characters. Stewart hit on all cylinders with this one. It is well-written, moves quickly, has humor and heart-warming moments. Just a strong book all around. Read it.

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Jun 20, 2012

Church Behind The Wire sounds amazing. Thanks for the recommendations!

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