Church / Culture / Ministry / June 12, 2012

The Separation of Church and Business


During a recent conversation with my boss he told me, “A Christian business isn’t a church.” Having worked at a Christian business for most of the past seven years, I resonated with the insight he gave. This statement is not as neat or obvious as it seems at first blush, and it bears some exploration both for those who are supporters or customers of a Christian business and especially those who are employed by one. There are key, fundamental differences between the two.

At a Christian business, like at all other businesses, financial considerations and profit margins are inextricably woven into every decision. While these businesses are message and mission driven, part of the inherent mission is to make money. The mission of spreading the good news of Christ is always within the framework of maintaining profitability. Churches have budgetary constraints, too, but they are to be purely mission and message driven at all times.

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