Culture / Evangelism / Sports / June 5, 2012

Winning Tiger Woods


Three years ago there was no question that Tiger Woods was the best golfer in the world. He was so good that people expected him to win every event he entered. He intimidated opponents into failure. It is almost impossible to exaggerate how great Woods was at his peak. 

Then Woods’ personal life collapsed. After a car crash in his own driveway and sketchy reports about an ugly dispute with his then-wife, it came to light that Woods was quite the philanderer. In the end 12 different women came forward with claims of inappropriate relationships with him. Consequently, Wood’s life fell apart. His wife divorced him and took their children, he suffered a career-threatening knee injury, and his once flawless golf game collapsed. He went from marketable superstar and the favorite in every tournament to barely making the cut . . .

Now, As Woods re-ascends the ranks of golf’s elite, as I hope he does, it is worth considering how wee will think and act toward him. 

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