Culture / Theology / August 8, 2012

A Razor’s Edge of Love and Hate


We live in an age of bold sin and bold sinners. It is a contentious time in which morality and biblical principles are besieged by relativity and rebellion. Yet none of this changes our call, as Christians, to both exemplify and proclaim the good while loving those who care nothing for it. We are called be pillars of right while welcoming wrongdoers. This is a great and complex tension.

It is not easy at all to determine what it means to “love the sinner and hate the sin,” as the Christian adage goes. It is a razor’s edge one must walk. On the one side is the temptation to over emphasize the hatred of sin, but in so doing love is abandoned for the sake of fervor. We become cranks, legalists, judgmental, and bigoted. But on the other side is the temptation to over emphasize loving the sinner. Doing so risks becoming not merely tolerant of sin (which is necessary for love’s sake) but becoming comfortable with it. This fostering of sin is a failure to love as well. So we seek to balance on that razors edge.

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