Sports / World Magazine / September 28, 2012

Greater Greed?


 Sports fans love sports for the games themselves. We love the excitement, the athleticism, the pageantry and drama, and the individual teams and athletes. We hate it, though, when the business side of the sports world interferes with the game. It usually seems to turn into a war waged in boardrooms and in press conferences. And it brings out the ugly, greedy underbelly of the sports we love.

Last year both the NFL and the NBA had lockouts. The players were literally locked out of team facilities by the owners. They couldn’t even work out or practice there. And they went unpaid. The NHL players are currently locked out, too, and if you’ve been watching any NFL games this season, you might have noticed the precipitous drop off in the quality of the officiating. Why? Because until this past Wednesday NFL referees were locked out by the league and games were officiated by replacement referees. All of these lockouts were about money—that’s greed, right?

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