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3 feel-good stories to aid your recovery from the presidential debate

Don’t worry, America. Not everyone in our country is running for president. Some people are doing good things. There are many stories of people doing such positive and societally helpful things to lift your spirits after last night’s, er, “discouraging” debate.

Here are three of them.

This is the story of Danny Leideker, an autistic homecoming king.

A star football player refuses to score a touchdown so his grieving, freshman teammate can do so instead.

Some of you may have seen this story about recovering stolen iphone with a twist at the end. It was such an uplifting story, I thought I’d bring you another one.

And a bonus story of the more “Aww that’s nice! Or is it?” variety.

The police return stolen medical supplies so a man can continue to help those in need. Or something like that.

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