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5 facts about publishing from Jeff Goins

Author Jeff Goins has produced two self-published e-books and recently published his first book, Wrecked, through Moody Publishers with great success. He offers 5 Facts About Publishing at his blog that are particularly salient for anyone looking to get published for the first time. The only adjustment I would make, as someone in publishing, is to #1.

Visit Jeff’s blogwhere he writes regularly about writing and creativity, for the full article. His insights are very helpful for authors or prospective authors.

Fact #1: You need an agent [Barnabas’s note: Or you need connections at a publishing company. In short it’s nearly impossible to cold call your way into a published book.]

. . .Sure, you can start pitching your proposal or manuscript on your own, but the fact is authors with agents tend to be taken more seriously and get higher advances. . .

Fact #2: Everyone needs a platform (yes, even fiction writers)

In the case of nonfiction work, your platform is often a blog or some kind of content delivery platform, like a radio show or podcast. It can even be your speaking schedule.
For potential novelists and the like, it’s your body of work. . .

Fact #3: The publisher won’t do all the work

A friend who’s been in publishing for decades told me this when I got my first book deal:

Assume that the publisher won’t do any of the work to promote your book, that it will all be up to you. And if for some reason, they do something to help you, then it’s an added bonus. But never expect it.

. . .

Fact #4: Publicity doesn’t sell books

Getting on The Today Show won’t sell a million copies of your book. Neither will a ton of ads. . .

Fact #5: Publishing one book won’t make you rich

There’s a popular misconception that once you publish a book, you are now a full-time author and a pretty big deal. . . It doesn’t work like that anymore. .

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