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7 Things a Pastor’s Kid Needs from a Father


Pastors, your position is a demanding one, and those demands bring unique struggles on your family. A pastor’s wife bears a great burden, but she usually enters into the ministry willingly. A pastor’s children, though, are carried on the current of their parents’ calling. It is often a life of singular struggle and uncommon needs. These struggles often stem from the failures of the father. This isn’t to cast full blame on pastors for their children’s problems. But it is to say that pastors need to work to be good dads.

My own father has worked hard at this. He had his blind spots and weaknesses, and they have been a source of tension between him and me. But to this day, in his 33rd and last year of pastoral ministry, he has never stopped trying to be a better father. As I wrote this I thought of his failures, yes, but I also thought of successes. Lots of them. I also thought of dozens of conversations with fellow PKs about such struggles and their own relationships with their fathers. So know that my writing does not stem from bitterness of heart or some jaded desire to expose a good man’s faults. I love my dad. My desire is to see struggles avoided or defeated for other pastors and PKs.

So here are seven of the most significant ways a pastor can be a good father to his children. Pastors, your child needs . . .

1. A dad, not a pastor
2) Conversation, not sermons
3) Your interest in their hobbies

. . .

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Nov 06, 2012

Excellent article!

Nov 08, 2012

I’ve read one other blog post, by you, and I’m happy to say I’ve been inspired. My perception about love, faith, religion, media, respect, business, and trust, has changed for the better.

I’d like to keep in touch with you and discuss, in depth, your inspiration for these posts.

Again, great post!

    Nov 08, 2012


    I’d be happy to connect. My email is

Dec 17, 2012

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