Life / World Magazine / November 2, 2012

Incredible Credibility


I recently heard a story on The Moth podcast about a boy who followed the lead of another boy in picking on another child and it got them both in trouble. Why did he follow? Because the other boy was the fastest runner in the fourth grade, and naturally that gave him total credibility. I remember those days like they were yesterday, when someone’s athletic ability or attractiveness made them the de facto leader. In fact, they were yesterday—and today and tomorrow.

We live in a society in which credibility in one area is granted based on success in another. Actors endorse presidential candidates, and people listen. Musicians write books, and people read them. Athletes pontificate on same-sex marriage, and are given a platform. As egregious as these examples are, pastors are often lifted to even higher heights, as people turn to them for advice on such nuanced and complex subjects as sex or finances.

We have failed to recognize two simple truths.

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