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The Chemistry of Marriage

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Marriage is an institution under assault, a relational commitment on the decline in our society. Statistics bear this out, but it’s just as easy to see with the naked eye. Young people just don’t want to marry, to commit. And people who are married find it easier and easier to end it. The reasons for this are myriad, but one heard repeatedly refers to something called “chemistry.” I couldn’t ask her to marry me because we lacked “chemistry.” We broke it off because the “chemistry” just wasn’t there. Whatever this “chemistry” is sure seems like something worth exploring. 
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Chemistry has enormous breadth. It is a huge area of scientific study. Within the borders of chemistry there are numerous methods, millions of variables, and countless outcomes, many of which have yet to even be discovered. It is a discipline of hard work, persistence, curiosity, diligence, systematic study, recording results, experimentation, and pursuit of good answers. So, if this is chemistry, what does it mean that marriage doesn’t work because “chemistry” is missing?

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