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Why So Serious?

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“Joy in the Lord” is a phrase Christians use with regularity. But I’m not sure this regular usage means we fully understand it, though. I’m not even referring to the puritanical, sourpuss, killjoy Christians—I don’t think they have any understanding of joy at all. I mean the Christians who titter nervously at jokes, unsure of whether they should be laughing and suffer angst at the thought of too much enjoyment of “worldly” pleasures. This sort of emotional turmoil in the name of “joy” is no joy at all.

God didn’t create the world for us not to enjoy it.

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“Joy in the Lord” is but a farce if there is no joy in the gifts that God puts in front of us. The joy we think we have is divested of its meaning when we dismiss or shun the pleasures that God has given us for our enjoyment.

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