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Change Reaction

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Everywhere you look things are changing. Winter rolls into spring (it will, I promise). Toddlers become school-aged and then become adolescents. Your favorite restaurant closes and your dentist retires. You lose a job or start a new one. There isn’t one area of life that is constant. All things age and decay in time. The status quo rarely remains so for long—just look back through history. Change happens inexorably. And this can be frightening. All this change can be disorienting and disconcerting. It is intimidating to look ahead in life and wonder what is coming.

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But change can be invigorating, too. It can be exciting. With change comes newness—new opportunities and possibilities. New life burgeons with the changing seasons. New innovations bring about fresh methods and products. New places bring new faces and friendships. New seasons bring hope to the perpetually losing team. And change brings growth and maturity to the person. Without change we would stagnate in a state of imperfection, but with it we have the hope of improvement and development.

The key difference between whether change is to be dreaded or embraced is whether one looks at it and say “What now?” or “What’s next?”

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