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Why Sports Matter

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Sports are recreation. They are entertainment. But they are much more than that. It is an easy thing as a writer, preacher, or observer to use sports as a metaphor or an analogy for various aspects of life. Sports are so prevalent throughout culture that even non-fans can relate, but that is only part of the reason sports are so often used to paint a picture of life. There are traits of athletic competition and performance, both obvious and less-so, that equate to the multifaceted nature and depth of life as a whole.

Sports are easy to relate to life because they offer pure action with no filters. There is the simple and recognizable drama of competition. The tension is palpable and the conflict is overt. For literature and drama lovers it may look mundane or barbaric, but the simplicity of sports is relatable to people. We know what is happening and are drawn into the unfolding action. We connect to the emotions, the ebb and flow of the action.

Humanity, the relating of one person to another, is the essence of sports. 

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Feb 10, 2013

There are traits of athletic compare odds competition and performance,

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