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Good Lessons Learned from a Bad Baseball Team

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Before I was 10-years-old, the Minnesota Twins won two World Series. For a boy growing up four blocks from their stadium, this was idyllic. But in the mid 1990s, things changed and the team went from contender to baseball’s basement. For the past 22 years they haven’t even sniffed at another World Series.

In the early 2000s, the Twins made another turnaround to at least become a perennial playoff contender in a weak division, and in 2010 they won 94 games. The following year everything fell apart: The pitching was awful, their best players were injured, and they slogged their way to one of the worst seasons in team history. I was flabbergasted and perpetually frustrated. They failed, and I was angry. Last year was supposed to be another turnaround year. Not so. They were awful again. This time I was just disgusted. What a bunch of losers.

With spring training now in full swing, this season doesn’t promise to be much better for the Twins. They still have no decent pitching and a bunch of unproven players. But you know what will be better? Me. Rooting for a bad baseball team has taught me some important lessons.

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Feb 24, 2013

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Feb 24, 2013

Amen Barnabas! Liked your article. We must be about the same age, and we certainly love the same baseball team! I’ve ridden the Twins roller coaster with you for the last 20 years, never having approached the ecstacy of 1991. But God and faith and true joy (found in things more important than #7 or #34) are always at the fingertips of the hopeful and humble heart. On a personal note, I’m one of Montana’s most dedicated Twins fans! I’ve attended around 30 games in Minneapolis, mostly at the old dome. Just yesterday I opened my mom’s main birthday present to me: MLB’s official 19-hour, 7-dvd set of the entire 1991 Fall Classic! Also like you (from the looks of your website), I have a young family, and I’ve written a couple articles for WORLD. Let me know if you ever need a place to stay in Big Sky country! Thanks, and God bless!

Mar 04, 2013

What!!?? No mention of my old high school friend, Terry Ryan??

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