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Repairing the Damage Done

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Usually when we begin relationships we are inclined to trust others. We don’t really trust them, but we’re prepared to—we expect to. Real trust comes with time and the shared experiences that reveal character. It develops naturally, then it’s just there as a strong skeleton to support the friendship. Trust isn’t something we generally recognize, and we definitely don’t consciously work at it.

 But what happens when trust doesn’t work out so nicely, when someone breaks it? No longer is it such an easy thing to overlook. In any relationship, given time, one person will inevitably break another’s trust. When this happens can we assume that if we wait it will come back or that the relationship will fix itself? Does time heal the wounds that broken trust inflicts? No, broken trust isn’t like broken skin—it won’t heal itself over time. Broken trust must be rebuilt.

The rebuilding of trust might be a quick fix or it might be a total overhaul, depending on the extent of the damage. But no matter what, it takes work by both sides. . .

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