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Free Music from a Favorite.

Page CXVI is a band that does hymns better than just about anyone. Their music has carried me through some hard times and encouraged me deeply. They bring hymns to a new place, give them a new life that communicates powerfully.

The Autumn Film Festival is the same group, but a different band doing a different kind of music. I often find myself listening to it as I write. It is thoughtful and entrancing.

Now this 2-for-1 band has a big announcement.

After seven years of crafting music as The Autumn Film and Page CXVI, Reid Phillips, Latifah Phillips, and Dann Stockton are giving away their catalog for the entire month of March. Eleven albums, seventy-four songs, two bands. Think of it as a Jubilee. Think of it as a sweet springtime gift. Think of it as something to share with everyone you know.

Starting Friday, March 1st, all of the albums from both bands will be available to download for free at, and we would love your help with spreading the word.

Please download, listen, and then share this for the month of March.

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Mar 04, 2013

Thanks so much for telling your peeps about us! Much appreciated!

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