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New Podcast Coming!

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For the last few months I’ve been working with some friends at Moody Radio to launch a podcast. Finally it’s all set. Next week, on March 20 – that’s Wednesday – What Did They Say Now? will launch. Here is a little bit of information about you’ll hear.

They key people making this happen are Scott Krus, Alex Bersin, Brian Dahlen, and Courtney Gaines. Scott  helps manage and oversee the podcast. Alex flips the switches and does all production and editing. Brian was the originator of this concept and will join Courtney and me on the mics trying to be interesting, engaging, and informative.

This podcast will be a conversation. That is all. Brian, Courtney, and I will converse about all different aspects of life. We will come from a Christian perspective but will not seek to slap pat, Christiany answers on questions. We will ask questions that are hard to answer and very likely not solve all of them, or even most. It will be the kind of honest, frank conversation you would have with friends.

We hope to offer a model for Christian conversation about everything from the very serious to the light-hearted and entertaining. We want you to feel like you are part of the conversation and we want to give permission for the same kind of question asking and exploring in your own conversations. Much of what we are trying to do is break the mold of rote, trite Christianese responses to culture, life, and faith.

And we want you to join the conversation too. You can do so at our Facebook page or by engaging us on Twitter @WhatNowPodcast. Here is our intro episode for you to stream and share.

So remember: Wednesday, March 20 the podcast launches. I would love for every reader of this to download and subscribe and give feedback. For more information check out the show website.

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Mar 15, 2013

After listening to this, I’m excited to listen to more. This is the What is needed and real. We serve a Real Christ do desires us to have Real conversations with each other. The questions asked in the text of the Bible were hard and frank, I love the model of this. Thanks

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