Podcast & Radio / March 20, 2013

New Podcast Is Live!

As of this morning What Did They Say Now? is live in iTunes. If you didn’t see my earlier post introducing the podcast you can check that out here. In short, it is a conversation between friends about life and faith. We don’t try to answer all the questions, but we do want to explore them. In the end we want to have real conversations that draw you, the listener in, make you feel like you’re part of it, and help you feel free to have better and deeper conversations in your own life.

We would love for you to subscribe to the podcast and give it a rating and review (this helps keep it relevant and well-placed in iTunes). If you wouldn’t mind sharing it with your friends through Twitter, or following us on Facebook that would be great too. As we launch this we are depending on listeners to spread the word, so your help is appreciated. We are eager to interact with you and hear from you with feedback and ideas for future conversations.

So give us a listen. Share the podcast with friends.  And let us know your thoughts. We want you to join the conversation too.

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