Podcast & Radio / April 17, 2013

Can we be angry at God? – New Podcast

A question hovers after events like the explosions in Boston or the earthquake in Iran earlier this week: Can I be angry at God? Of course that leads to a pile of other questions to sort through. What questions are off limits to ask of God? Is there such a thing as “righteous anger” toward God? and so on. Sorting through such questions is what we try to do in our latest episode of “What Did They Say Now?”

We recorded this before the tragedy at the Boston marathon, so we make no direct reference to the pain it is causing. But maybe that makes the questions easier to grapple with in some way, because they are less fraught with emotion. One way or another, though, these are difficult ones to answer.

We do our best to make our way through and figure out what it looks like to be angry or hurt while still trying to trust God. You won’t find all the answers here, but maybe you’ll find something to help or encourage you. 

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