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Getting Bad to Get Good

From my Weekly article at (Posted Friday, 4/27):

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Today is day two of the National Football League college draft, the one event in the off-season that grants the greatest ray of hope to struggling teams. In the draft, teams that performed the worst last season are granted the higher draft picks and thus a chance at better players, which should result in improved performance on the field in the years to come. In other sports, specifically basketball, some teams have been known to try not to win late in the season, just to improve their draft standing. Whether or not such a system is fair, it reflects aspects of a principle of growth and improvement in just about any area of life.

To drastically improve at most anything you likely need to get worse at it first.Think of rebuilding a business that has been around for a few decades and is muddling along neither well nor poorly. But when a new management team comes in, they see potential for massive growth as long as some drastic changes are made.  

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