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How Christians Should Engage Sports – a conversation

Last weekend I was in Minnesota and had the chance to sit down with Tony Reinke, Jonathan Parnell, and David Mathis from Desiring God talk sports and how a Christian can engage them well. Jonathan was nice enough to introduce the podcast as follows on the DG blog.

Barnabas Piper has put some thinking into sports. Actually, he has put a lot of Christian thinking into sports. Writing weekly for WorldMag.com, Barnabas has had a steady voice on what we can learn about God in America’s favorite entertainment.

So when Barnabas was recently in Minneapolis, we were eager to pull up a chair and pick his brain a little more. He starts by explaining that if Christians engage the culture through the arts, sports shouldn’t be excluded. It is more than “caveman entertainment” and there are precious truths to mine.

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Apr 25, 2013

I just read your dg post in response to sports as religion. Would you consider writing something to address the topic of “how a non-sports guy can engage with sports guy coworkers”? I have thought to try to find a sports round-up I could read in 5 min on a Monday morning so that I could talk about something my coworkers care about in order to engage with them. They know I am not a sports guy and I am not trying to be one at this season of my life.

Apr 26, 2013

That’s a good question. I’ll think about writing more on it. My first reaction answer is that, in order to really converse about sports, you have to get into it – just like computers, cars, books, or music. It is a complex world. It’s a hobby for me, a thing I really enjoy, so to know sports and converse about them comes easily. If you put me in a room full of art critics I’d be stumped.

Asking lots of questions can be good too, if you’re willing to sound like a novice. People love to share what they know, so you’d give someone a chance to be an expert for you. No one begrudges people asking honest questions.

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