Church / Podcast & Radio / May 8, 2013

Where does the church go from here?

Does your church put people in positions to lead or serve based more on their respective gifts or on positional needs and vacancies? Is it dictated more by people or structure?

Do younger Christians view the classic suburban church as “where culture goes to die” and therefore
gravitate towards more artistic, more culturally expressive churches, especially in urban areas?

Should all churches seek cultural and racial diversity or should churches seek to reflect their immediate surrounding communities.

How should church members and church leaders deal with the ongoing, low-grade guilt we so often feel about what our churches aren’t or what they “ought” to be?

In the latest conversation we had on What Did They Say Now? we talk about all this and more. For some we have pointed answers and for some we simply try to sort out and make sense of the complications. You can subscribe and download through iTunes or stream it. Then we would love it if you let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter. This podcast is a conversation  and we want it to go beyond the recording. Join as share your opinions and ideas too.

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