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Cheating’s Shrapnel Flies Fast and Far

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If you follow professional baseball you’ve likely heard the name Biogenesis by now. It is the now defunct clinic in Miami that has been linked to at least 20 players as a provider of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Now that Tony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis, has agreed to cooperate with investigators from MLB, the story has taken off. All those 20 players, including current and former stars like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, now face the possibility of significant suspensions as MLB begins an aggressive pursuit of justice.

 While all this was going in the world of baseball, another story crossed the wires this past week that bears some similarities. Nike announced that it would end its partnership with Lance Armstrong’s charity, Livestrong, with its popular wrist bands and bold yellow workout gear. Earlier this year the United States Anti Doping Agency stripped Armstrong, a former seven-time Tour de France winner, of all seven titles because of his PED use. 

 Both of these instances tell a story of cheating, of decisions being made by individual people with thoughts only of themselves in order to gain an advantage. Whether they thought of anyone else as they cheated or whether they considered the consequences, this we know: They determined that that the benefits of cheating outweighed those considerations.

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