Humor / Sports / July 3, 2013

The most creative gift you’ll see today

Growing up a Twins fan I have always hated the New York Yankees. Mainly because they are the real life Evil Empire, but also because they beat my Twins like a pinata year after year. If the Yankees are the Evil Empire, then Mariano Rivera is Darth Vader. He has been the most dominant closer in baseball over the past 2 decades and has been known especially for his cut fastball, a pitch that has (according to unscientific research) broken more bats than any in history.

Really, though, Rivera is nothing like Darth Vader. He is known around baseball as one of the great competitors and gentlemen, so much so that he elicits utmost respect from everyone.  Rivera will be retiring at the end of the season, and almost every opponent is doing some sort of presentation to honor him when the Yankees visit their stadium.

But last night the Twins saw all those presentations and raised them. Big Time. They gave Mariano Rivera the most creative gift you will see today.

The Chair of Broken Dreams  

Mariano Rivera receives “The Chair of Broken Dreams” from Ron Gardenhire (hidden), Justin Morneau, and Glen Perkins.
That, my friends, is a rocking chair made of broken baseball bats. Hats off to you Mr. Rivera for breaking them and to you, Twins, for being creative enough to put them to good use. 

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