Links / Recommendations / September 23, 2013

Goodness From the Interwebs for 9/23

A handful of links that interested, amused, or informed me from around the interwebs:

photo credit: Will Lion via photopin cc

  • Can you tell of these 10 questions are advice for puppy owners and which are advice for managing milennials. Boy, it feels good to be thought of so similarly to cute, wiggly animals who pee on the rug.
  • Intuition and Decision Making: some thoughts from Donald Miller to help us sort through those “gut” calls we sometimes have to make. The thing that stood out to me from this post is how “subconscious” doesn’t equate to “guess work.” Instinctive or intuitive decisions are based on experience and observation.
  • Poor people really ought to just work harder to fix their problems, right? Not so fast. This excellent article by Matt Perman explains that “rather than the poor being poor because they make bad decisions, they make bad decisions because they are poor.” Based on research, good biblical understanding, and a good bit of insight Matt helps us understand what a better response would be than “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!”
  • Now that I’ve moved to Tennessee I should probably act the part. So here is my best effort: bluegrass band Iron Horse covering Metallica’s Enter Sandman. (HT: Take Your Vitamin Z).

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