Business / Leadership / September 24, 2013

Who are you trying to pacify?

An organization or effort can only go as far or as fast as the lowest common denominator. Most of the time we think of this in terms of talent or ability. But what if what makes that denominator the lowest is actually attitude and mindset? Dan Rockwell, who blogs at Leadership Freak, makes this point specifically about the effort it takes to keep those people happy.

The lid on your organization is
the person’s feelings you’re trying to protect.

The conversation down the hallway goes like this. “We can’t bring that issue up because Mr./Ms. ‘I’m The Center of the Universe’ will get upset.”

The drama queens you dance around
determines how far you go. 

Sammy Salesman gets bent out of shape if reporting systems change. Dance around Sammy and, eventually, you end up in the dark.

The person you’re afraid to confront 
anchors your team. 

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