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"Communicating Theology in the Heart Language of the Hood"

D.A. Horton, the director of ReachLife Ministries, wrote a book called G.O.S.P.E.L.In it, he lays out the basics of the gospel message in “thebonics,” a term he coined. What is thebonics, you ask? It’s the merging of theology and ebonics. I’ll let D.A. explain further in this short clip from a recent interview with Ed Stetzer on The Exchange.

I had the chance to work with D.A. when this book was being published and have seen and heard what God is doing through it to communicate the gospel. It is short (only about 80 pages) and ideal for sharing with someone who might not care about or read a 250 page tome. As Horton says in the video clip, hip-hop isn’t just an urban thing anymore; it is world wide. That means this little book will cross a lot of borders with its message and ability to share the work and story of Jesus. You should check it out.  

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