Links / Recommendations / October 21, 2013

Goodness from the Interwebs for 10/21

A handful of links that interested, amused, or informed me from around the interwebs:
  • The Huffington Post offers 7 Unconventional reasons You Should Be Reading Books, but I’m not sure what’s so unconventional about them. Unconventional would be something like “books make you taller” or “reading will help you lose weight.” Regardless, based on this article if you don’t read books you will be an exhausted, high strung, unempathetic, forgetful jerkface. That’s science, folks.
  • I’m not really an introvert, but I found the points that Aaron Earls made in this post about the benefits and temptations of social media for introverts to be right on for anyone. His cautions are ones that I do and will keep in mind and I appreciate that he doesn’t demonize the medium.
  •  Apparently chubby fast food logos are a deterrent to eating fast food. I call bunk on this. No body, and I mean nobody, eats fast food because of the nutritional benefits. Making the logos chubbier just makes them look equal parts cuter and more like a dog’s squeaky toy.
  • TED Talks are lying to us? Apparently, at least about creativity.  In this through (read: lengthy) article, Thomas Frank describes the literature of creativity as a “genre of surpassing banality.” The more I read of it, both online and in books, the more I agree.
  • Consumers are suckers. People apparently pay little attention to the money leaving their accounts but rather look at the imaginary money they are “saving” because it’s written on a tag or a sign. Looks the American public needs an education in terms like “mark up” and “margin.”
  • Why I haven’t seen this site before now I have no idea, but in just a few short days it has become one of my favorites. Rather than blame all of you for not showing it to me earlier I will just assume you too were ignorant of it’s creativity and will share with you Humans of New York. It is creative photojournalism at its best.
  • Lots of talk bouncing around these days about quitting ones job and pursuing one’s dreams. That all sounds exciting (and stupid), but Tyler Brauns, a millennial and therefore someone who should be doing creative and risky things in pursuit of his dream job, offers three reasons you should keep your job. I agree.
  • Can Christianity be saved from Christians. Also known as “What the What?” 

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