Links / Recommendations / November 14, 2013

Goodness from the Interwebs for 11/14

A handful of links that interested, amused, or informed me from around the interwebs (Delayed a few days due to linking and platform issues):
  • I hate the open office concept. It is really the worst way to work at an office. It’s not even an “office” if it’s open. It’s an employee warehouse. Here’s proof that my ire is right.
I’ve always been uncomfortable with pastors who insist on being called by the title “pastor.” It seems pretentious. Mark Altrogge, a pastor himself, explains why he avoids going by that titleI appreciate his spirit in this piece a lot. 

  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is a combination of tasty perfection and marketing wizardry. One of the ways they’ve found success is through always creating new flavors. Here are 12 they’ve created based of pop culture.

Thom Rainer, the president of Lifeway Christian Resources, recently offered a public apology for a racially offensive material published 10 years ago. Dr. Rainer has been at Lifeway for 7 years. Leadership like this is one of the reasons I am thankful to be working for Lifeway. He saw the need and sought to make amends for wrongdoings for which he bore no direct responsibility.  
  • I have a couple of these from my childhood and my children are creating several as I write this. Here are some delightful photos of stuffed animals heavily worn by love over the years.

  • You didn’t believe in flubber, did you? But here is video proof that it exists. How else would this kid get that high off the ground.

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