Blazing Center / Communication / Criticism / January 30, 2014

Quit Your Online Quibbling

From my latest post at The Blazing Center:

All truth is God’s truth. But not all truth needs to be crammed into every communication. Think about those tweets you post with clever or thoughtful quotes. Or the reflective little blog post you wrote. Or maybe it was a brief conversation with a friend at church. You shared a little bit of truth.

Inevitably, though, you get those responses with the “well, actually. . .” or “what you really should have said was. . .” or the always helpful “I think what he really meant. . .” It’s the army of conscientious nuancers. They correct, edit, adjust, supplement, complete, addend, and amend. Your truth wasn’t quite true enough for their liking.

Sometimes truth just needs the chance to stand by itself, even if it’s small. Just because it’s not all of the truth doesn’t make it untrue. . .

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