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Happy Rant #2

Last week Stephen Altrogge and I introduced Happy Rants, in which we pick a selection of subjects and rant in a non-angry way about them. Now we bring you Happy Rant #2. In it we rant about:

– Coffee snobbery and meth heads

– Christian movies and fiction

– Yoga pants

– Kirby Puckett

If you enjoy it let us know in the comments here or on youtube. If you hated it keep those thoughts to yourself or we may rant about you. We’d love some ideas for future rants too, so if there is anything you want to hear us blather about comment away!


Feb 28, 2014

Ahhhhh … if I might Friday evening quarterback. A bit longer on the ranting this time, eh? Might I suggest a bit shorter for us with short attention spans. Rant suggestions? How about the onslaught of ‘Christian’ movies in 2014? Surely (no, not Shirley) you could rant on Russel Crowe doing Noah, i.e.! What … no politics either??? Everybody rants about the moral decline of our country. Just some marshmallow puff ideas for you guys. Peace out!

    Mar 01, 2014


    All good suggestions! We will shorten up our rants and we’ve noted your suggestions.

Mar 01, 2014

BTW, noting that you neither look nor sound like your Father. You sure you weren’t left on the doorstep??? lol

    Mar 02, 2014

    You haven’t met my mother. I resemble her side of the family. Which is kind of nice since they’re all tall and my dad’s side is on the vertically challenged side.

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