Books / Movies / Recommendations / February 21, 2014

Unbroken: the Movie

Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken tells one of the most remarkable stories I have ever read. Louie Zamperini went from rabble rouser to Olympian to WW2 prisoner of war. Unbroken is the story of his survival for forty seven days at sea after a plane crash then many more months in Japanese prison camps. After the war Zamperini was scarred both inside and out and took to drink. As his marriage was failing and his life was falling apart he ended up at a tent meeting of some country preacher named Billy Graham. There, God took hold of Louie’s heart, broke it, and healed it. He taught Zamperini to forgive, even the most vicious of his captors, and the scenes of him traveling back to Japan to meet them are overwhelmingly powerful.  Hillenbrand is a marvelous writer and brings the story into stark and gripping reality. It truth that is both stranger and more thrilling than any fiction.

Now it will be a made into a movie, due to release around Christmas. If it is half as good as the book it will be a fantastic film.

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