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The Pastor’s Kid – Pre-Order for Under $10

Amazon has dropped the pre-order price of The Pastor’s Kid  to under $10. You can’t eat at Cracker Barrel for less than $10, and I assure you my book is better for your cholesterol levels. If you were waiting to order it now’s a great time. Please feel free to share this deal with any PKs, pastors or pastor’s wives you know who might be interested too.

The Pastor’s Kid – $9.99

PK Cover - flat












Mar 17, 2014

Hi Barnabas,

Do you have a date set for the book’s release? I have already pre-ordered it! As a pk myself, I really look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Mar 17, 2014

    It releases July 1. Thanks for ordering! If you know any other PKs or pastors who might like it spread the word.

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