Humor / Links / Video / April 21, 2014

Goodness from the Interwebs for 4/21

 A handful of links that interested, amused or informed me from around the interwebs:
  • Jesse Parent is a slam poet as well as a loving and protective father. This poem tells exactly what he thinks of those boys who may one day date his daughters – and it’s not as He-Mannish as you might expect. I resonate fully.

  • In case you’re watching this near lunch or dinner time you are about to feel ashamed, very ashamed, of whatever you are eating. This is the world most epic grilled cheese. Go gluttony!

  • Parenting is a tough job, so getting good advice is usually a plus. Well, Mr. Forthright offers some of the best parenting advice you’ll here any time soon. I especially love his wisdom about discipline.

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