Announcing A New Podcast – The Happy Rant

After several weeks of doing video conversations with Stephen Altrogge covering such topics as buying one’s way onto the NYT best seller list, cheating at baseball, and the Noah movie we have heard your cries. By “your” I mean the handful of you who suggested we take to podcasting, and podcasting is what we are now doing. As of this week we have launched The Happy Rant podcast!

But it’s not just Stephen and me any longer. We have added Ted Kluck, the little-known and mysterious wing man to Kevin DeYoung on such books as Why We’re Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church. Ted is Amish, or something like that, so he doesn’t have home internet. He writes about sports and is a smart dude. And he’s tough enough to keep Stephen in line for the most part.

We will be releasing podcasts weekly, at least that’s the plan. In our first one we discuss:

  • Should Christians watch MMA?
  • Why Ted doesn’t have internet at home.
  • What non-Christian films and filmmakers best represent Christian values.
  • Why kids these days should watch the Cosby show.  

If you would be so kind as to download the podcast, listen, and review it we would be much obliged. If you’re too busy to listen, just go on iTunes and give it a five star review. It’s that good, and getting better.


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Jun 10, 2014

I love the Happy Rant podcast! Can we count on a weekly episode early in the week or do they just come out whenever you all have time?
(In other words, Episode #4 should be here by now. What other lighthearted and somewhat-profitable stuff am I supposed to listen to whilst doing the dishes?)

    Jun 10, 2014

    Thanks, Hope! Right now it’s not super consistent. We’re shooting for one release a week, but they don’t always come out early. We’ll work on that.

Nov 19, 2015

Are the older episodes available anywhere else? I can’t find them on Stephen’s website or iTunes!

    Nov 19, 2015

    I think those got removed when we switched platforms several months ago. We will work on re-uploading them! Thanks for the heads up.

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