Blessed are the Peace MAKERS

From my most recent post at The Blazing Center:

Peace. Peaceful. Peacefulness.

Peace is quiet. It is calm. It is serene. It is slow, steady, and unperturbed. Peace is when things are just as they ought to be, set to rights, just so. Peace when the things that are happening are just what ought to be happening and no conflict occurs.

But in Matthew 5 Jesus says “Blessed are the peace makers for they shall inherit the earth.” Read that again. Not “blessed are the peaceful.” “Blessed are the peace makers.” This is no blessing for the passive and the calm; it is a blessing for the intentional and the active.

No peace occurs without justice. A peace maker is a justice maker. He or she is a doer of deeds and a pursuer of a cause. That cause is the gospel which is the truest peace.

The peace makers will inherit the earth, not because they will wait passively and patiently for God’s victory, but because they will further the cause of God’s kingdom.

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