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Church Should Stay Away From The MLB Way

From my most recent article at WorldMag.Com:

A couple weeks ago one of my favorite podcasts,Gleeman and the Geek, disappeared from iTunes. But within a day or two it was back, with hosts Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes explaining that iTunes, had removed it without any notice or warning. As they dug deeper they found out that Major League Baseball had demanded iTunes to remove several podcasts that infringed upon MLB trademarks. In Gleeman and Bonnes’ case it was because “Minnesota Twins” was a part of the podcast’s title. Once they removed that phrase the issue was resolved, but it points to a more significant issue.

Major League Baseball is known for it’s strict protection of content and brand. The only place to look for current video is, not YouTube or Vimeo. This fits with an ongoing penchant throughout MLB toward aggressive traditionalism, whether it’s in marketing or in the use of advanced statistics (think Billy Beane and Moneyball). MLB is a case study in alienating younger generations, and the church should take note on how not to do things the MLB way.

Lesson 1: Refuse to share your content.

. . .

Lesson 2: Build a fence around your brand.

. . .

Lesson 3: Refuse to try anything new.

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