Humor / Links / Video / May 5, 2014

Goodness from the Interwebs for 5/5

 A handful of links that interested, amused or informed me from around the interwebs:
  • WebMD probably seemed like a great idea when they started, but we all know this is exactly what happens any time we look up a symptom there.
  • Being a “digital native” means you’ve grown up with a certain level of technology and just get it. Lots of our parents, on the other hand, don’t. Which is precisely why they shouldn’t text.
  • When you think of a lap dog you probably think of something about the size of your average shoe box. Whatever. ALL dogs think they’re lap dogs, including these really enormous ones.
  • Whether he meant to or not, this kid just got ALL the ladies by doing the sweetest thing a high school senior could do: take his great grandma to prom.
  • When I walked 25 minutes through downtown Chicago every day for 2+ years on my way to work it wasn’t crazy drivers that cause me problems. It was the crazy cyclists, so this video touched a nerve with me.

  • After watching this video of hundreds of sharks following fishing boat I think I’ll stick to swimming pools, thanks.

Photo Credit: ted craig via Compfight cc

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