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I Need Your Help Launching My Book

I need help in a lot of ways, but this particular request is about my book, The Pastor’s Kid. It releases four weeks from today. No author, except really famous ones, can write a book and just expect people to know about it and buy it. Most  of us need some significant help generating awareness, spreading the word, and getting people excited about our books. I am not a famous one, so I am reaching out to you, dear blog reader, to help me spread the word about my book.

The common term for this is creating a “launch team.” Basically what it entails is the willingness to do any and all of the following of which you are capable.

  • Tweet prolifically about the book and use the hashtag #PKBook
  • Facebook occasionally about it too and use the hashtag #PKBook
  • Instagram and Pin the book and use the hashtag #PKBook
  • Share the book trailer through social media or on your blog.
  • Direct people to the free download of the booklet I wrote, The PK Handbook.
  • Write a review of it on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Goodreads when it releases (July 1).
  • Blog a review or recommendation of it on your personal site (if you have one) and link back to my book page
  • Shamelessly recommend the book to all the pastors and PKs you know from now until the end of your days
  • Do all this in exchange for an enormous amount of appreciation from me and a free copy of The Pastor’s Kid (digital and/or print)

I know other authors often offer three dozen electronic resources “valued” at a gajillion dollars in exchange for helping them launch their books. I don’t really believe in that strategy (as explained here), so I am simply asking for a significant favor from people who believe in, or think they might believe in, the message of my book (or who just want a free copy of it; that’s cool too).

If you are willing to be part of my launch team would you fill out the brief form at the bottom of this post? I will close the form when we’ve reached the limit of willing book launchers. Spots are limited, so if you’re interested respond quickly! Thank you in advance for your willingness to help!

All the official Launch Team spots are filled! Thanks for your submissions, and for any who aren;t on the list I would still love your help and support.

photo credit: Matthew Simantov via photopin cc

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Jun 03, 2014

Looking forward to reading it!

Jun 04, 2014

I’ll tweet and hashtag away

Jun 30, 2014

I am just now seeing this… but should you send me an e-copy I will gladly read and do a thorough report on my blog… Truth is, I will probably read it anyway… but I might not be as quick about it. You have my email.

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