Interviews / Pastors / PKs / Podcast & Radio / July 10, 2014

Interviews with Moody Radio’s Morning Ride, Chris Fabry Live, and Timothy George

Last week I had the chance to join two radio programs and a podcast to talk about The Pastor’s Kid. All three hosts were wonderful to converse with and asked good questions. I was hosted by Moody Radio Chicago’s Morning Ride for a short interview, Moody Radio’s Chris Fabry Live for an hour, and Dr. Timothy George’s podcast for about 20 minutes. Each has its own personality and flavor and each asked different questions than the one before. I had a lot of fun doing these interviews and I hope  you enjoy listening to them!


WMBI’s Morning Ride

July 2 – hosted by Cisco Cotto

Chris Fabry Live (Hour 1)

July 2 – hosted by Chris Fabry

Beeson Divinity Podcast

July 1 – hosted by Dr. Timothy George


 photo credit: aewells13 via photopin cc

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