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It’s Here! “The Pastor’s Kid” Releases Today

Today is the day. My book, The Pastor’s Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity, releases. Thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered and who have helped me spread the word about it. I am excited and hopeful that this book will help readers. I hope it encourages pastors and their kids. I hope it effectively gives voice to PKs and plays a part in strengthening or restoring relationships between them and their parents. And I hope, in some small way, maybe indirectly, that the church is built up through it. If you would be so kind as to share about the book’s release with people I would be deeply grateful.

PK Cover - 3D


Here are a few sample tweets/Facebook posts you can use if you’d like:

“The Pastor’s Kid”, by @BarnabasPiper, releases today. Get one for your pastor! #PKBook

Pastors and PKs, this brand new book from @BarnabasPiper is worth reading. Get it today. #PKBook

A brand new book by @BarnabasPiper released today that could really encourage pastors and PKs. #PKBook

If you are a pastor or PK check out this book that just released today from @BarnabasPiper and @David_C_Cook. #PKBook

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Jul 05, 2014


The book looks great! May the Lord use it widely.

Andrew Carr

Oct 24, 2014

That book must be great. I have been reading your Dad’s Book “Don’t Waste Your Life”, it’s both blessing and challenging me. I trust that book of yours could be in the same spirit.

Feb 15, 2015

Heard part of your interview on Family Life Today (I think) and wondered, he called you Mike and then
Barnabus; did you try to change your name to Mike due to the ‘pressure’ even of having been named such
the same name as such an awesome person as the Bible’s Barnabus? Just wondering. Have someone in
mind, a PK, who is acting oddly and he also has a Biblical name, and wonder if your book might be useful
to that family.

    Feb 16, 2015

    Ha. No, he was making a joke about my name. I’ve never tried to change mine. If you know a PK who’s struggling I think my book might help.

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