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Sauron, Satan, and Evil’s Inability to Understand Good

From my most recent post at The Blazing Center:

In his wonderful book, On The Shoulder of Hobbits, Lou Markos has some profound and beautiful things to say about the nature of good and evil. On portion that particularly stands out in my mind13587295 is in chapter 15, “Blinded by the Light” in which he exposes the inability of evil to stand before the light of good, or even to understand it. Markos masterfully unwraps the layers of this reality. First he quotes from Tolkien’s Return of the King in which Gandalf explains to Aragorn why Frodo and Sam have a hope of making it through Mordor to destroy the ring of power.

“That we would wish to cast him down and have no one in his place is not a thought that occurs to his mind. That we should try to destroy the Ring itself has not yet entered into his darkest dream.” (Hobbits, 168)

Markos goes to write on the profoundest truths of all of Tolkien’s works:

“The reason Sauron has not guessed the true purpose of the Fellowship is not that he is a fool or even that he is prideful, but that he simply cannot conceive that someone would willingly forsake power. He is completely blind to the ways and motivations of goodness; such Light is too bright for his darkened eyes to fathom.” (Hobbits, 168)

Think on that for a moment, on the insight into the limitations of evil and the evil one.

. . .

What Markos wrote showed me so clearly that the smartest thing Satan could have done to condemn the world to destruction was to keep Jesus alive. But, like Sauron, Satan is incapable of understanding humility, servanthood, and sacrifice.

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