Commemoration / Events / Music / Video / July 4, 2014

The Best National Anthem Renditions Ever: Happy Birthday America!

1) Marvin Gaye – 1983 NBA All Star Game

2) Whitney Houston – 1991 Super Bowl

3) The United States Military Academy choirs (combined) – 2004 Super Bowl

4) Jennifer Hudson – 2009 Super Bowl

5) Whitney Houston (again)

photo credit: JeepersMedia via photopin cc

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Jul 07, 2014

As a former music guy, re: #3…. That double tonguing tho! Dang!

As a former opera guy, I’m also quite partial to Renee Fleming’s national anthem from this past Super Bowl.

Also, have you seen the Gaither Vocal Band’s version? I’m not usually a fan of them, but this arrangement is superb:

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